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The Blog of Morgan Malone

Wherein I chronicle the ventures, adventures and misadventures of an over-50, former judge and counsel turned writer of romantic memoir and racy romance novels. Explore my world of Internet dating, writing, pitching, selling and publishing books about romance, empty-nesting and traveling, with or without my chocolate Labrador Retriever, Marley.


Morgan Malone is the pen name of a retired lawyer who turned in her judicial robes to write erotic romance and sexy memoirs.

Morgan fell in love with romantic heroes after reading her mother’s first edition of “Gone with the Wind” when she was 12 years old. Rhett Butler became the standard by which she measured all men. Some have met the mark, most have failed to even come close and one or two surpassed even Rhett’s dark and dangerous allure.

Morgan lives near Saratoga Springs, NY with her beloved chocolate Lab. She can be found on occasion drinking margaritas and dancing at local hostelries, but look for her most often in independent book stores and the library, searching for her next great love in tales of romance, history, adventure and lust. When she can’t find the perfect man, she hides out in her upstairs office and creates him, body and soul, for her pleasure and for yours.



Hello Readers, I hope this finds you all well, sheltered and not too worried. We are staying home in New York, which works for me, given my current circumstances. I hope it is working for you. You haven’t heard from me for awhile. After my newsletter last Spring, I...


I almost died in 2019. After an arduous two weeks of writing a legal document (in my other life I am an arbitrator), I had a blinding headache, a droopy eyelid and double vision. I chalked it up to eye strain (I almost failed high school Biology and this is why I...

Spring has Sprung

Welcome Spring! I say that with three inches of newly fallen snow on my lawn! But, there are buds on the Magnolia trees and I saw a really fat Robin hopping across the yard this morning so I am hopeful. It’s been awhile since I blogged…long cold winter, new grandson...

Seasoned Romance

I've been reading romance since I was in the sixth grade and my mother gave me her copy of Gone with the Wind. I get lost in the stories, identify with the heroine and fall in love with the hero. Fast forward fifty years! I'm not 12 years old. I'm just into my sixth...


It is almost October. My office was a mess from a summer of conventions, injuries, legal work (remember, I am still a labor law contract grievance/disciplinary charge arbitrator) and a half-dozen almost completed and just-in-the-outline-stage projects. Instead of...

End of Summer

It's September. It was a long, hot summer, and I am welcoming the cool breezes I felt this morning when I let Marley out for his morning patrol around the back yard. Already the shad trees in the front yard are shedding their small golden leaves - the day after Labor...

RWA16 in San Diego

RWA16 in San Diego

RWA16 in San Diego! I met up with some of the fabulous authors who are members of the Face Book group, Seasoned Romance, where we celebrate, discuss and dissect “mature love.” Our group came together in 2016 to support our belief that woman of a certain age want to...

RAGT16 in Cincinnati

RAGT16 in Cincinnati

RAGT16 in Cincinnati. I attended Lori Foster’s awesome three-day weekend for authors and readers to just hang out and talk books. I scored a great seat next to Sylvia McDaniel at the Book Signing on Friday and was thrilled to have Unanswered Prayers available to sell...

RT16 in Las Vegas

RT16 in Las Vegas

RT16 in Las Vegas, baby! Morgan Malone and LuAnn McLane at their workshop “Flirty at 40, Foxy at 50 and Sexy at 60: Writing Mature Love.” Even though we met in the morning, we spoke to a room full of authors and readers, all interested in “book boyfriends” over the...