Welcome Spring! I say that with three inches of newly fallen snow on my lawn! But, there are buds on the Magnolia trees and I saw a really fat Robin hopping across the yard this morning so I am hopeful.

It’s been awhile since I blogged…long cold winter, new grandson (YAY!), the passing of my sweet chocolate Lab, Marley (I still miss him) and writing in three different series!

I’m just finishing the fourth installment in my Barefoot Bay World series. Dreams of You is Dr. Joel Alfonso’s story. You may remember him as Dr. McDreamy in Need You Now. He’s the hot new doc in Mimosa Key and he’s alone. He’s been alone since finishing his internship because the woman he loved walked out on him with no explanation. Now, fourteen years three months and an odd number of days, Dr. Sydney Butler Washington is living at the Casa Blanca Resort and Spa and working with Joel’s friend, Dr. Oliver Bradbury, across the causeway in Naples. Joel hates Sydney, or so he thought until he gets up close and personal for the first time. Sydney has tried to put Joel out of her mind since the day she was forced to leave Joel and she has mostly succeeded. But, they are too close for comfort now and the secrets from their past will either send Sydney running away again…or finally give them their happy ever after! And there will be a dog…not a Lab this time or a little yappy dog…this canine character is huge!

I’m almost done writing Treasure, the novella length contemporary prologue to my Pirates of the Eastern Shore series. Vicke and Hank are oceanographers. She is a oceanographic anthropologist and University professor. He is an adventurer, sailing the seven seas in search of sunken pirate ships, lost treasure; always looking for the legendary Golden Lion, the flagship of the famous Pirates of the Eastern Shore. Oh, and Vicke and Hank were once married but that was eons ago and Vicke believes she is well rid of Hank. Until he shows up one stormy night sodden, desperate and with the unholy gleam in his eye that has always given him away…he’s on to the trail of the Golden Lion! They put their differences aside to spend the summer ascertaining if the wreck Hank has discovered off the coast of Maine could be the long, lost ship. But, they soon discover that the differences that drove them apart so many years ago are meaning less in the face of the later-in-life-love that is drawing them together.

Finally, at Dr. Daughter’s request, I have begun a three-part series about three women who met in college, went on to grad school, are excelling in their professions…and have vowed never to marry. In the face of an impossible challenge from their now-married classmate, they agree to try dating, one more time. I’m having a lot of fun with this one and Dr. Daughter is in charge of creating the Pinterist page that will give you all hints about the “I’ll Never Say I Do Club.”

Back to writing!