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Morgan Malone

Seasoned Romance Author

My Story

My pen-name is Morgan Malone. A twist on the old “What is my stripper name?” A combination of the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on: Dino Homestead. I opted instead for the name of my first cat and my hometown to create Morgan Malone, an erudite yet brazen hussy, who left her career as an administrative law judge and counsel to pursue her first great love: writing.

I am a published author of erotic romances and romantic memoir. I belong to several romance writers groups. My mainstream essays can be heard on NPR’s 51%, a nationally broadcast show directed at women, and also on Roundtable, the weekly morning program on WAMC, Northeast Public Radio.

black and white profile of Morgan Malone

I am a bit over 60. I live near Saratoga Springs, NY with my chocolate Labrador Retriever. We enjoy occasional visits from my daughter who is a clinical psychologist and my son, daughter-in-law and new grandbaby, who currently live in Seattle. I paint watercolors, and still practice law in between writing romance and memoir.

Morgan Malone with head covering and sun glasses

What was next? I began writing Unanswered Prayers over ten years ago, after I finally discovered the music of Garth Brooks. I thought it was wonderful but after all those writing classes and editing sessions with my talented editor, I realized that the manuscript needed a total re-write. It was a labor of love; Unanswered Prayers is my favorite book. I was thrilled to publish it in June 2015.

When I retired from my thirty-year career with the State of New York, my writing was still dry and wordy. I enrolled in a creative writing class to lose my “lawyer” voice. I found myself writing personal essays. Since I had recently begun dating online after 15 years of widowhood, the subjects of many of my essays were the men I was meeting daily on the Internet. After three years of memoir class, I had enough stories to combine into my first book, Cocktales: An Over-50 Dating Memoir. It was published by Turquoise Morning Press in February 2015. Cocktales was recently released.

While Cocktales was in the editing process, TMP requested a “dark love” manuscript, which became Katarina: Out of Control. Best described as a “light” BDSM tale, Katarina was both difficult and wonderful to write. Katarina dates a variety of men who taught her about BDSM and let her explore her fantasies (and some of mine) before she finds true love with the man she least expected to fall in love with. Katarina was also released in February 2015. Currently out of print, look for Kat’s return in a few months with a new cover and excerpts from the sequel.

The last year has been a real adventure: book signings, writers’ conferences and marketing, as well as research for upcoming projects. In the works for 2016 and 2017 are another romantic memoir, 32 Days, about my husband’s tragic accident that left him paralyzed at the age of 35 and the amazing month we shared before he died. Rick, one of Katarina’s lovers, is getting his own book, Rick: Taking Control, where he meets Britt, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. Britt has as many, if not more scars, than Rick. I am determined that Rick will find his HEA with Britt, but I may need the help of a yellow Labrador Retriever and a retired thoroughbred race horse to pull it off.

I’m very excited to be part of Roxanne St. Claire’s Barefoot Bay Kindle World with my first entry, Dr. Hottie Rock Star (working title), due to be part of the February 2017 releases.

Morgan Malone with costumed pirates

Waiting in the wings are Jonah, Naomi’s son from Unanswered Prayers, now an Assistant District attorney in New York City and Bradley, another of Katarina’s lovers from Out of Control. And there are two pesky pirates who are clamouring to have their stories told! I think I will be spending some time on the beach doing research in 2017.