Shoulder to Lean On book cover

Orthopedic surgeon Levi Gould is known throughout Mimosa Key as Dr. Hottie Rock Star. His silver-streaked black hair, whisky-brown eyes and gym rat physique – coupled with his skill in the operating room – gave him the nickname he detests. Losing his daughters in a messy divorce fueled his penchant for picking up and mending stray dogs and damaged souls. Until he met Ella Anderson.

Ella arrives at Casa Blanca Resort and Spa to recover from injuries sustained in a violent attack. Known throughout the world as E. L. Levin, the best-selling author of the Bloody Murder series of books and the mega-hit movies they spawned, Ella is dodging the press – and her publisher – by hiding out on Mimosa Key. Swearing she is done with writing violent criminal mysteries, she is penning a happily ever after for Bloody Murder’s crime-fighting duo.

Even though their attraction is immediate, both Levi and Ella resist the burgeoning feelings for one another. The doctor with the damaged heart and the writer who believes true love only happens in books find themselves drawn closer and closer. But before they can find their own happy ending, they must confront the secrets that could destroy any chance they have for a forever together.
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