Out of Control Kats Story book cover

Katarina Galchinsky is alone. And that was not how she had planned her life. At almost 40, she has a brilliant career, an expensive loft, and good friends. All she could want – except her beloved husband , who was stolen from her by the Iraqi War. Alone for almost ten years, Kat has controlled everything affecting her career as a partner in a top law firm, her family and her heart, so nothing bad can happen to her again. A platonic, but satisfying relationship with her old law school buddy, Zachary, has been all she’s needed. Until now.

Sam, a controlling lawyer, begins Kat on her journey of submission—in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Rick, a screenwriter and a Marine vet, introduces her to light bondage and more rough play at his beach house on the Jersey shore. Bradley is a brilliant yet wounded businessman who plays hard with a plethora of toys coupled with sometimes harsh commands in his quest to totally dominate Kat.

Will Kat find what she’s looking for in the arms of one of her lovers? Or is her heart’s desire in the place she least expected?

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