Need You Now Cover 200 x 300

Tall and movie star handsome, John Fitzgerald Ford, is a successful orthopedic surgeon, relocated from New York to Mimosa Key. And he has become the island’s most eligible bachelor. No one questions his skill as a surgeon but everyone wonders why the mysterious silver fox has never married. Fitz has had no interest in answering the unspoken questions about his single existence until the one woman he thought knew him best forces him to reveal his darkest secrets.

Maureen Donovan O’Riley is finally free. After being trapped for twenty-five years in marriage to a cold and controlling man, she is now on her own. And planning to stay that way except for Honey, the fox terrier she rescued the day she buried her husband. Day by day she has been finding her way back to the woman she once was. Her transformation is almost complete. Then Fitz whispers “Hello, Beautiful” in her ear and she finds herself falling under the spell of another charismatic, strong-willed man.

Even though Fitz and Maureen have known each other for years, suddenly there’s a new element to their relationship: they can’t keep their eyes or hands off each other. The doctor with the distant demeanor and the fiercely independent nurse are determined to control their futures and conceal their troubled pasts. Neither is looking for love but, to guard their wounded hearts, will they walk away from their chance at happy ever after?
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