Book cover for Losing Control Micks Story

I’m giving you six months to begin again. I’ll show you the way, like I always have—nagging and pushing you. But then I’m gone.

Annie Sullivan Mullarney was a force of Nature when she was alive. And hanging out in Heaven had not changed her. She’s made life complicated for her beloved husband, Mick. Deciding she needs some peace and Mick needs to find a new love, Annie issues her final ultimatum on New Year’s Eve.

I’m going to ask her out for a date. Men still do that. Right?

Widowed for six years, Mick Mullarney thought he was doing pretty damn well. His daughters lived in the family home and helped to run the family businesses. His best friend had a place nearby, with his sweetheart and a great dog. And he still heard from his beloved wife every once in a while. Yeah, Mick was fine. Until his Annie told him he had six months to get a life and a lady. What is a guy who hasn’t dated in over twenty years to do?

Why do you keep popping up in my head? I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m interested in you. I know very little about you so it must be purely a physical thing.

All Maggie McDonald required in her perfectly-ordered life was maintaining control over her perfectly-ordered life. Keeping all men at a distance and her secrets to herself was all it took. Then a pretty little rescue dog came home with her, licked her hand and cracked the ice around her heart. And, through that opening, a sad-eyed, old-fashioned, tall, dark and handsome former Marine laid siege to her frozen emotions. Maggie was up for the battle, but did she want to win.

Sparks fly, tempers clash as Maggie struggles to keep from learning the secret that has controlled her life for so long. Can two stubborn souls withstand an unlikely attraction, a needy canine Princess and a Heavenly force determined to bring them together?

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