Dreams of You book cover

The hot silver fox docs at FL-Ortho are known throughout Mimosa Key for their skilled hands and gorgeous looks. Dr. Joel Alfonso was dubbed Dr. McDreamy in med school and the nickname has followed him all the way to Barefoot Bay. Attempts to hook him up with any of the lovely ladies on the island or in nearby Naples, FL have been unsuccessful because Joel’s heart was lost over a decade ago to the only woman he has ever loved.

Dr. Sydney Butler Washington, a brilliant and beautiful gene therapy research scientist, has recently moved to Barefoot Bay to work with Dr. Oliver Bradbury at IDEA. Dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer, she long ago buried the heartbreak caused when she was forced to leave her first love just as they were about to begin a life together.

A chance meeting at Casa Blanca Resort and Spa causes all the old feelings of regret, recrimination and romance to surface. Can they salvage their lost love or has too much time and too many lies caused wounds that even these skilled physicians cannot heal?


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