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Missy Edmonds, Levi’s feisty housekeeper, from Shoulder to Lean On, is back and she’s in the arms of Don Smith, artist and gallery owner…or is that really who he is? The holidays are approaching and these “friends with benefits” are starting to have feelings for each other. Is it the light of the Hanukkah candles or the temptation of stolen kisses under the mistletoe that have them wanting more? This sexy silver fox and the lady he desires both have dark secrets to share before they can enjoy the gift of love.

Missy arrived in Dr. Levi Gould’s orthopedic clinic over three years ago, looking for all the world like a battered spouse or girlfriend on the run from an abusive relationship. Levi repaired her damaged shoulder and offered to let her stay in the caretaker’s cottage on the estate he’d bought north of Casa Blanca Resort and Spa in exchange for dog-sitting his chocolate Lab, Hersch. and overseeing the repairmen who were rebuilding his house. Missy’s work ethic and organizational skills soon made her indispensable to Levi, and eventually, his new bride, Ella. It seemed there was nothing Missy could not conquer, even the quiet and very private local artist, Don Smith.

He’s known on Mimosa Key as a talented painter of seascapes, a quality framer and the creator of the whimsical mural of moving vehicles in Dr. Levi Gould’s surgical suite. But there are secrets that Don has not revealed to anyone on Mimosa Key, including his real name and tragic past. He’s gotten close to Missy, physically oh-so-close, but has never told her the real reason he’s living on a small Florida coastal island. Until now.

Here’s a seasoned romance that combines the magic of Hanukkah and Christmas, with a silver fox hero and a tough and talented heroine, a regal, disdainful cat and the beauty of a warm winter beach to serve up a sweet and sexy read that’s just purrfect for the holidays.
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